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Pow Foongfaungchaveng at his home and workspace in Bangkok, Thailand

What does your typical day look like?
I multi-task, juggling between 10 things in a day. But my morning always starts with a cup of coffee. And some good days tennis at 7am.

Tell me about the beginnings of TIMO. What was your motivation and inspiration for it?
I was heartbroken and I needed to put my energy on something. I did not find any swim trunks that I like in the market, so I created one. And for the record, I am still single from that point on to date.

Why the name TIMO?
TIMO is an imaginary character. He is the muse of the brand. He is a spoiled brat who travels the world with free spirit.

What are some of the biggest hurdles you are facing as an independent designer & business owner?
A small brand has a charm of being small and unique. But you want to become big one day and make money but keep the unique personality of the brand. It is a dilemma every designer will face. Love or money? You sell the design you believe in, or you sell the design people want. That is the question.

Who are some of your favourite Thai designers, artists or creative people at the moment?
I like this design firm called THINKK Studio. I am working with them a project and last year they started this collective designer dialogue thing called Co-Host, which showcased in Chiangmai Design Week 2014. It is so dope.

What are your favourite spots in Bangkok?
My dad’s sofa.

You have travelled a lot. What are your favorite cities? And what’s on your bucket list?
I like Cape Town, and its youth culture, the whole Biscuit Mill Food Market is spot on.

I also love Copenhagen, every cool son has a cool bike and every cool dad has a cool boat.

I want to see the great migration so Kenya is on my list. I have been to Africa many times but I wasn’t lucky enough to see thousands  of water buffaloes or elephants migrate. Just the thought of it is already epic!

How would you describe your personal style?
I can’t really. Perhaps ‘Modernist Downtown’?

What is a quintessential Pow outfit?
Shorts and white shirt for weekends. To attend events, perhaps some new runway pieces, like now I really like Umit Behan, Acne Studios and Haider Ackermann.

What are some other things you are passionate about?
Travel. It is liberating. I think last year I went on 21 trips.

How would you describe your home, and what do you like best about it?
It is messy, bold and colorful and every piece has a story from the country I got them from.

What of your personalities can we see in it?
Possibly the mix of classic, vintage and modernism.

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture or object in your house?
It’s a film slider.

If your walls could talk, what would they say?
Please stop buying books.

We are in Bangkok for only 12 hours, where are you going to take us?
Breakfast at Rocket Cafe, a late morning walk in Sunday market in Jatujak, Jim Thompson House for late lunch, Queens Sirikit Museum of Textiles at the Grand Palace and dinner at Smith.

What are you looking forward to?
An honest answer would be: a simple couple life.

Famous last words?

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